First World Problems for Female Rock Climbers

I came across this excellent post by AnnaOutdoors the other day and just have to share. (I can especially relate to 2, 5 & 14.)


  • Finding shirts that fit shoulders/back muscles
  • People wondering if bruises on legs are from abusive boyfriend
  • Too many sports bras
  • Climbing partner thinks this actually is a date
  • Nail polish
  • Are you spotting me or just touching my butt?
  • Finding a “female” harness with big/many gear loops for trad
  • Those looks you get from your mom when you tell her what your vacation plans are
  • Hiking into the sketchiest areas, sometimes through thigh high snow, just to find a place where no one can see you pee
  • Finding small sized gear… in stock
  • Finding technical clothes that dont have flowers, butterflies or swirly patterns on them
  • Prefer to date a climber.  Don’t want to date in circle of friends…. forever alone.
  • Have to pee on a multi-pitch climb
  • Hair caught in rappel device.  Hair in face during crux.  (aka always have to have hair in ponytail)
  • Guy repeats hard boulder…

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